Memphis Proposal | Emily + Brian

When one of your best friends gets engaged, you better bet you squat in a bush for over half an hour, shaking with nerves and excitement. When Brian asked me if I could take photos/would want to, it was like an instant reaction "YES". No questions asked, of course! Anywhere, anytime, let's DO THIS. Day of, Brian and I met at a meaningful spot looking down on Tom Lee Park, a familiar path for the pair. B and Em are one of those couples that walks and talks. Pretty sure one of their first few dates was walking and talking at this very spot! He had planned for Em's sister and best friends to love on her and bless her, retracing many of their relationship milestones.

When I heard Em's voice carry in the wind from down the path, exclaiming about how great her day had been that he had planned, my hands physically started shaking. This hasn't happened to me in actual years. It was the sheer adrenaline of watching someone I love so dearly be loved so dearly by a man wanting to pursue her for the rest of her life + I was so scared she would see me. He read a letter out loud and made his way down to one knee. Em was in pure shock. All I heard was "baaaabeeeee."


Popping out of that bush, muddy knees and all, and hugging Em just moments after he proposed was one of the greatest honors I've lived. Feeling the excitement in her grip around me - it was genuinely the best. Thank you, Brian, for letting me witness and be a part of something so beautiful and important! And for letting me capture you just moments after!


When I said "sit next to your fianće!" All the laughs and realizations!

We hustled to get some photos down at Beale Street Landing. The giggles, precious hugs, and looks that I witnessed within that blur of an hour were priceless- something I pray I captured, so you can experience the joy exuding from them. I thank the Lord for Brian and Emily in my life.


eeeek. She is so beautiful and joyful!


Dear Em,

I love you so so so much. I am so proud of you. I love that I got to watch you in this season of life. You have been such an encourager, mentor, best friend, and example. I'm so excited to walk through a new chapter with you. God is so gracious. I am praying for your marriage to come. Praying for you and Brian as y'all plan a wedding and approach a truly new book, not just chapter. That your home will be filled with words of grace and love, that He honors y'all's story and pursuit of each other, and that others will be impacted the way I have been by both of you. Thank you so much for loving me and being my best friend. To the future of Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and how God is going to use this new unit for His glory and story!


Dear Brian,

Thank you for loving our girl! You have spent months growing in genuine awe and respect of the woman she has become and is growing to be. I cherish the conversations I've had with her about you. You are a man of integrity, an answer to prayers that have been poured over Em since she was little. She is a treasure I know you value and understand the importance of protecting and loving. I am excited to get to know you even more. I know you are strong, smart, honest, persevering, and a man of God. Thank you, again, for letting me be a part of September 1st. Best 901 day!



(Em, your face when you saw me was a highlight of my year.)