Joshua Stephans | Web Designer

Hey friends! I wanted to make a short post to introduce my amazing web designer--who also happens to be my brother-in-law. This is Joshua Stephans!

Josh was born and grew up partially in Chicago before moving to Orlando. He transitioned to Tennessee in 2012 for a BA in Digital Media Communications at Union University. As well as gaining experience through classes, designing local coffee shop, concert, and school posters, he met his best friend and later wife at UU--my beautiful and talented sister, Elizabeth. Before they even dated, Josh and I would spend hours pushing each others’ creative boundaries and ideas. He was the first person to believe in Dancing Through Memphis, my very first passion project that ended up being a 5 month enterprise. His zeal for culture, stories, and craftsmanship never ceases to inspire me.

Elizabeth and Josh married in August of 2016 and having another creative in the family has been such a blessing. Josh is a graphic + web designer and overall creative based in Memphis, TN. He's been a constant supporter, fellow dreamer, and best friend.

He helped me edit and build pieces of my current website during the months of 2016 + 2017, however as time went on, I started realizing how different my vision and brand had become. The idea of him being my web designer for a whole new site was exciting and terrifying.

Creative conflict can be a make-or-break situation. Josh has been an incredible listening ear, but also matched my dream with healthy debate. He has challenged me to keep things simple and clear, with the message that if you claim to be a storyteller, your story is not the one being focused on. I've radically changed my mindset on how to communicate my services and passion through his incredible design and wisdom. There was some silence over phone calls, clashing of vision, and frustration as expected. I've learned to fight for what I really believe is priority, and how to discuss things in a healthy way. 

Since building my first website on my own, I have dreamed of hiring a designer. Those who have fought tooth and nail with wordpress, wix, and squarespace…you feel me. I've been in tears, on the phone for hours, and still ended up with something far from my vision. It was SO frustrating. Josh allowed me to dream big and draw out my ideas on a paper. He literally made a website from those ridiculous chicken scratch sketches.

I'm beyond excited to launch this face to Emily Frazier Creative. It is a true work of art. Josh has put in time, creativity, research, and endless design. I am so thankful! It’s hard to hire a designer when you technically can DIY it, but this was money spent so well. I am so thankful I invested in his work.




Stay tuned for Thursdays website launch at and the exciting giveaway on 

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